Digital timer switch - Geyser

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I want to connedct a timer switch to my geyser in the db board. Which wire goes where? The to top of the switch has two connection points nymbered 1(L) and 2(N) There is a line from 1 to 2 with a circle and a s lying on its side. the bottom of the switch has points 3 4 and5. between 3 and 4 is a line with a switch symble and five has a line that end in a small 0. 4and 5 = NO 3 and 4 NC . There are 2 wires from the geyser one red one black. please help



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I am not sure but i think point 1 (L) is connected to the mains live wire and point 2 (N) to the mains neutral wire. At the bottom of the timer, point 4 is common so you can connect it to a supply voltage (appropriate for your load) and use point 3 or 5 if you want NC or NO respectively operation. I am not sure of my answer as i guess it from your description. To make it sure please post the part number of the timer.


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To connect the timer...a) 1=Live and 2=Neutral from the DB box. b)Jump position 1 and 4 with a short piece of wire. c)Position 5 is for your geyser / pool or whatever. d)Position 3 will only work when position 5 is inactive...maybe a light or do not need to use it. e) You also need a neutral from your DB (or somewhere else ) to your geyser\/ pool. NB the timer does not control the neutral so there are NO neutral coming from the timer (you may jump the neutral from position 2 to your geyser / pool.