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    Jul 16, 2013
    can anyone help me with a schematic diagram I can use to build a circuit using NAND gates to:

    Complete the truth table for a logic circuit that monitors 4 doors. An open door ​
    gives a “1” condition. Door 1 is the MSB. The circuit makes an LED glow when:​

    i. When all the doors are open at the same time
    ii. When door1 and door2 are closed at the same time, irrespective of the condition of the other doors.​
    iii. When door 3 is open and door 4 is closed, irrespective of the condition of the other doors.

    Thank you.
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    This should go under "Homework".
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    Well, what have YOU done so far to try to solve YOUR homework? Post your best affeot and we can use that as a starting point for discussions aimed at helping you move in the right direction.