Digital Potentiometer Evaluation Board

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Hi All,

I'm working on testing an AC device voltage output across various resistances. In order to obtain good resoultion and accuracy I opted for digital potentiometer. And to save onself from the hassle of getting an IC assembled with components, I'd rather go for an evaluation board for it.

The only aim is to connect the device terminals across the potentiometer & record its output at various incremennts/decrements.

This is what I found:

The question is, is this evaluation board configured for generating voltage signals? I require something behaving as a resistor rather than a voltage source. If it is not the right one for my task, Can anyone please suggest me a digital potentiometer configured on evaluation board that can only be acting as a resistor not voltage generator? It should allow resistance change via software. I hope you mean what I'm saying.
10K dpot 50K dpot with 256 wipes are the specifications....

I cannot integrate parts on soldering board at DIP level because of sensitivity. Also, PCB facility is not available with us so we'd rather opt for evaluation boards.

Naila x