digital ouputs on contoller pins

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Hi everyone

    I need some help for my work. I need digital ouputs on microcontroller 8051 pins in the following manner

    I need overall 8 ouputs,with only one output higher at a time.

    For e.g if p2.0 goes high first and remains high of 60s,
    then p2.0 should go low and p2.1 goes high and remains high for 60s
    and so on until p2.7 remains high for 60s.
    After this It should start with p2.0

    Is it possible to do this?? What should be the code for this??
    one more question,is it possible to use these outputs as enable for my chip??
    I wanted to all this in labview but it requires stringent programming,its easier to do it with microcontroller i guess.

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