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    Feb 18, 2011
    Hi,,Can someone please tell me whats the best μC that is suitable for construction of a digital multimeter. I need pc interfacing too. in that case is wireless protocols better than usb or ethernet? Would a pic do or shal i go for a atmel since i intend to put as many options to my multimeter. Is AT91SAM7X256 a good option? just picked it somewhere.
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    That would leave anyone guessing then as to what device would be appropriate for your conception.

    There are a number of highly sophisticated devices that are targeted towards your needs. Most, if not all are custom asics.

    Consider carefully your thought on wireless. I've applied meters in areas that would stop a pacemaker with rf interference.
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    Feb 18, 2011
    i had to choose between wireless and usb,,then felt that it would be a bit risky to connect a multimeter connected to a circuit to your laptop in case something would go wrong and cause damage to d laptop. What would be wirless protocol with least EMI?
    To be more precise on d features I intend my project to have are basic multimeter parameters and power measurements. This should go along with interfacing method. I started off with a pic coz so far iv been workin with pics and decided to use something else coz i want to get to know them. Can u suggest something easier to start vt?
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    You can make use of some DMM chips for the measurement portion and see if you can interface the DMM chip to a microcontroller. Google "intersil multimeter" and "new japan radio multimeter" for their DMM chips.
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    Sounds like a good use for Bluetooth. But you can buy a pretty decent multimeter with USB for less than $50. Is this project worth your valuable time?