Digital Motor controller

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Hi all, I am new here so sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I would like to build my own controller for model slot cars, I run the 1/24 scale cars and there are a few different options for controllers but none do all that I want.

I would like to control the voltage with a trigger, be able to change the sensitivity of the power curve, and also I need to have brakes whick is activated at 0% but I want them to also be adjustable and have them either come on strong and fade or come on slow and stall, this is done by bridging the motor on an anologe controller, also I would like an LCD screen with presets for these settings that I can set up on a lap top with simple software, this will need to be able to have a usb port or something.

I think PWM is the go and using ahll effects for the trigger but Im just not sure how to do it, and of corse it needs to fit in a hand piece, the donnor is a parma one (excample pic attached)




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Here is a schematic for a simple motor controller. RC5 is the output pin from the microcontroller, uC, that has your PWM output. R1 should be ~300 ohms to limit current from your uC pin to within it's maximum current (usually 20mA).

What do you need the Hall Effect sensor for? Couldn't you just put the output from your trigger potentiometer into a analogue input on your uC, then write some code to control the PWM duty cycle to control the slot car motor they way you want?