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    sample question:
    A sequential circuit monitors the available parking spaces in a200-space parking garage and provides an indication of fullgarage by illuminating a FULL display sign and lowering theentrance gate bar .Salient features of the system are: .... A sensor at the entrance gate produces a positive 1TL pulse when a vehicle enters the garage.A sensor at the exit gate produces a positive 1TL pulse whena vehicle leaves the garage.The sequential circuit counts up when a vehicle enters andcounts down when the vehicle leaves the garage. The circuit produces a HIGH 1TL output when the garage isfull. This HIGH output signal is used to illuminate the Fullsign and to close the vehicle entrance gate of garage.The circuit output changes to LOW when an empty space becomes available in the garage. . Design and implement the sequential circuit using up/down counters (e.g. 74193) and logic gates.

    come on guys..Try to post such challenging problems in this thread::confused::confused::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    and post the answer with a logic diagram for this first guys...((((a working one ofcourse)))
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