Digital Logic

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!. Write F= ABC +AB'C' in Nand and Nor Form, Draw A logic Gate implementation of both solutions. Varify that they are equivalent for A=B=C=0
2. Perform an unsimplfied Max-term expression of F=(A,B,C)= Ʃ 1,2,3.
Is the result in SOP or POS form?
3. Design a 1 bit adder with carry in using only NOR gaes.
4. An 8:1 MUX input is written in hex AF, what is the logic level on each of the data input pins?
5. How many select pins are on a 8:1 MUX?
6. specity the output of the MUX if the control select is sat at : S0=1,S1=1,S2=1 with the above inputs.
7. Prove that 5+(-5)=0 in 4bit 2's compliment​


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