digital energy meter with data logger


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Submit a 50 page proposal detailing your project. A forum member will then be assigned to complete your project.

You will of course need a signed permission slip from your university instructor giving you permission to have someone else do your homework for you.

You copied a block diagram out of your syllabus. That is an impressive effort on your part . Great job!


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I like the "Please register to remove stamp" notation in the middle of each block. Hardly worth asking if you obtained permission to use the drawings.

Seriously, you are the party who is interested in the outcome. You also say it's a personal interest. That usually means that you would like to learn how to make the device. What sort of background in electronics and programming do you have? Do you have the tools to construct the printed circuit boards and the actual energy meter?

We are more than willing to be helpful, but expect you to do the greater part of the work. Can you say what components need to go into any of those boxes in the block diagram?


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There is not a great deal of information there. Looks like a great deal of work on our part to satisfy your curiosity. No real hint about any algorithms that might have been used in the microcontroller.


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The material you have posted so far is very general. I do not think we can offer much help. I think you have to sort out this (school) project by your self. Do as Spinnaker told you. Split your project into isolated problems. Instead of using a lot of time trying to find an easy way out of your problem. Start the working on the project doing something you are comfortable with. Your Teacher(s) at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Is also there to help you. Do not forget that.