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I need for my student project this:
Digital clock 4x7segments to display seconds and thousandths of a second
i have this fpga: Xilinx Spartan 2
• a 50K-gate Xilinx Spartan 2 FPGA with
50K gates and 200MHz operation (a
200K-gate version is also available)
• a XCF01S Xilinx Platform Flash ROM
(XCF02S for 200K gate version)
• a collection of I/O devices including eight
LEDs, four-digit seven-segment display,
four pushbuttons, and eight slide
• a 50MHz oscillator and a socket for a
second oscillator
• PS/2 and VGA ports
• 96 I/O signals routed to three standard
40-pin expansion connectors
• all I/O signals have ESD and short-circuit
• a JTAG programming port.

Please, help me, i'm noob... i need the Verilog program for this
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You apparently did not read the sticky note:

The Homework Help Forum is not a free homework service; we are here to help your understanding, but fully expect the users of this forum to dictate the course of their own learning.
We are not here to do your project for you, although we will help with the progress of the work.

Start by defining the functions of the digital clock.