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    Jan 27, 2010
    I need for my student project this:
    Digital clock 4x7segments to display seconds and thousandths of a second
    i have this fpga: Xilinx Spartan 2
    • a 50K-gate Xilinx Spartan 2 FPGA with
    50K gates and 200MHz operation (a
    200K-gate version is also available)
    • a XCF01S Xilinx Platform Flash ROM
    (XCF02S for 200K gate version)
    • a collection of I/O devices including eight
    LEDs, four-digit seven-segment display,
    four pushbuttons, and eight slide
    • a 50MHz oscillator and a socket for a
    second oscillator
    • PS/2 and VGA ports
    • 96 I/O signals routed to three standard
    40-pin expansion connectors
    • all I/O signals have ESD and short-circuit
    • a JTAG programming port.
    Please, help me, i'm noob... i need the Verilog program for this
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    You apparently did not read the sticky note:
    We are not here to do your project for you, although we will help with the progress of the work.

    Start by defining the functions of the digital clock.