Digital Clock block diagram, Need urgent Help

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    May 3, 2009
    Following is what is requsted from me, Please help, i mostly need help with PCB and speed adjusment.

    > Design an outdoor digital clock. This clock consists of four digits, two for
    > the minutes and two for the hours counting separated by the seconds colon.
    > The maximum count should be on the view 12:59 see the attached graph.
    > The digital output is taken on a set of outdoor LED clusters arranged in 7
    > segment format with typical load for each digit's segment 4000mA. ( Design
    > hint: use 4 of the attached LED cluster to form a segment.) The clusters
    > are connected to the PCB through a set of push connectors.
    > Adjusting this clock is maintained through two keys. One for fast advancing
    > and the other for slow advancing.
    > The speed of each is left to you to assign. The clock should keep running
    > accurate even in case of power off state ( by the aid of internal
    > rechargeable battery or any alternatives ( suggest!)
    > The power is supplied through a 12V DC power supply ( a transformer (220/12)
    > with AC/DC converter on the clock's board. ) the power supply should be
    > acceptable for outdoor applications.
    > Output: Design the following:
    > * System Block Diagram.
    > * Circuit schematic design.
    > * Firmware if any.
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    Post up the schematic you have so far and we may be able to make some suggestions.