Digital Blood Pressure Monitor DESIGN HELP

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Hi I would like to make a digital blood pressure monitor, but do not know how that got off the internet please help me so much that you would find the project circuit, a digital blood pressure monitor a final project for school :confused:


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Here we go again. Another school project.

5 posts on the same subject by husam685!

Hey husam685, maybe you should have not spent the school year smoking dope and you would have your project finished by now.

Frightening that these are the engineers of our future.


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One is enough, you have tried 6 times, including the Completed Projects forum. Do not do this again, or else.

I have locked the other threads.


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You didn't have to hunt this guys posts one by one and deal with them, but I guess it is kinda funny. Almost like dealing with spam.

To Husam687,

You got off to a bad start, I strongly recommend you take the time to read the Terms of Service. The link is at the bottom of the page. Common sense should have told you posting the same request 6 times was pretty obnoxious.

Feel free to use the site, but show respect for others.


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Also remember that good questions draw good answers. For a starter tell us what you have done so far. And why and how you struggle. A smart move would be to tell us if this a invasive blood pressure, or non invasive blood pressure setup.


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I'd say having used dozens of these and tested dozens make sure it runs off the mains. Every monitor I've ever used that runs on batteries looses acccuracy when they get low on juice. My doc just recently got a really nice one that runs on mains. I'll find out what model if you want. Usually for a decent one though your talking a couple thousand a least.


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I don't know how the hand held manual pumps cost, but I suspect they are not that critical. What you are talking about is design flaws.

When I am having my blood pressure checked I can feel the transition points, the two points where the blood stops flowing and begins to flow. It strikes me this is the critical parts, as well as the pressure transducers (which are simple meters on manual units).