different value of capacitor means?

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i'm confusing about the capacitor. what is the different between 1uF and 10 uF capacitor? and also the voltage value of the capacitor.



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I'll go out on a limb here, and state uf is the amount of electrons at a given voltage the device will hold. I'm sure there are better and more accurate definitions, but I'll go with this one.

10uf is 10X bigger than 1uf, it will hold 10X more electrons. This means it will have a deeper discharge too.

Have you read the AAC eBook? Look on the bottom of this thread to see the volumes.


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That's a pretty stout limb Bill is on! Would make a dandy base for a tree-house. :D

One Farad of capacitance is equal to one Coulomb of charge per Volt of EMF.


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C = Q/V (coulombs per volt)

Also, C = (relative dielectric constant) * Plate area / distance between plates.

Your breakdown voltage limit will depend on the dielectric used and the distance between the plates. That means you could make 2 capacitors with the same capacitance but different dimensions and dielectric; They would have the same ability to hold charge per volt, but they could have different breakdown voltages. So the capacitor's printed value in Farads does not necessarily describe the capacitors voltage rating.