Different forms of serial Communication. What is ethernet/

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I have used UART, I2C and SPI to communicate between the chips. I understand how the commmunication works.
In UART- start bit data bit ...stop bit

In SPI - master sends the clock, chipselect and data

In I2C - same, but master sends clk and data on pulled up bus

I was wondering if Ethernet also uses one of these serial protocol or something else.

Could someone please answer my curiosity :confused:

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@ericgibbs : I went through this site as well but it doesnot say how it actually sends/receives the data....this is like the top layer description...i wanted to know how it operates....how to starts communication....sends data....

Is it similar to SPI??

In the link it sends a lot of bits in one packet...it should have been slow....how is it sooo fast...

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The HDLC framing protocol is used for the next layer above the physical layer. The physical layer can be Ethernet, or dozens of other transport means. The receivers wait and look for the HDLC framing pattern rather than a start bit. Read about it on Wikipedia.

Thousands of point-to-point HDLC frames of data have brought this message to you and make this forum's web page possible to appear on your computer screen.