Differences programming PIC16F and PIC18F

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  1. abr_pr90

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    Sep 19, 2011
    I´m a starting to work with PICs and now I´m tryng to program a PIC18F4520. I keep seeing that every programmer has some supported PICs. A lot of them only support PIC16F, and some support a few 18F. So, what is the difference? I tryed the programming manuals and I couldn't find any difference, there is always Vpp, Vdd, Data, Clock...

    Thank you!!
  2. ErnieM

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    Apr 24, 2011
    (There are better forums (down below) for your question where t may get a better exposure)

    While the basic protocol is similar and the physical lines are the same some programmers just don't get the love and laps into legacy land.

    Currently Microchip is supporting the PICkit 3 over the PICkit 2 and the #2 is considered a done deal, with the newer devices being supported on the #3 only. You may find a way to change the #2's config files so it recognizes newer devices, but you may not get full MPLAB support that way.

    Advanced units like the ICD3 cover any and all of the PICs.

    I will not speak of third party programmers as they are typically poorly made clones at best, or possibly very limited hack jobs
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    In sentiment I agree with the OP. Microchip are fond of 'switching it up' for no apparent reason that I can think of other than short sightedness and poor planning.

    Perhaps, though I hate to entertain the thought, they want to keep things a little 'proprietary'. If so, a plague upon them!!!

    So which is it, they are not to bright, or they are insidious?

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    Apr 28, 2012
    The PICKIT2 is somehow effin, I had many troubles using it. PICKIT3 is simply better. If you don't like Microchip, then use Arduino, they also have a large forum where they care about hobby users.

    18F is different in many aspects. The configuration is more complicated. And it's a disgrace to program them in assembler. Many 18F chips only work at 3 volts. And the Vpp is lower as well.

    The internal RAM is much larger and so the FLASH program memory. The clock frequency is higher.

    Before you criticize Microchip see how you can improve your own work. I think they have done a lot of innovative work in recent years. Yes there are issues in MPLABX however nothing critical so far. For instance the memory values displayed in the dashboard are often plain wrong.

    Microchip are fond of 'switching it up' for no apparent reason

    Then maybe think what is your reason to use PICs and not something better?