difference equation for discrete time

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i got following question and i am trying to find out the initial conditions

\( y[n+2] +ay[n+1]+by[n]= 0 \ \ for\ n>=0 \)

where \( a=\frac{-5}{6} and b={1}{6} \)

this is what i solved for initial conditions;

\( for n=-2 \ \ \Rightarrow \ \ y[0]=0 \)

\( for n=-1 \ \ \Rightarrow \ \ y[1]=0 \)

Are these correct initial conditions?


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I would imagine you assign the initial conditions as whatever you wish to them to be - within reason.

Since the function is, by definition, valid only for n>=0 you cannot then evaluate the value of variable y for n=-2 or -1. You are therefore obliged to assign values for y(0) and y(1) from which you could calculate a sensible value of y(2) at the initial 'iteration'.

Assigning y(0)=0 and y(1)=0 may not be helpful since


And at the next and subsequent iterations the latest value of y will always be zero.

So obviously it would be of little use assigning y(0)=0 and y(1)=0.