Difference between electric and electronic

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Hi, simple question: what is the difference between electric and electronic. There are bucnh of explanations over the internet which mostly are quite different from each other. So still I don't really know the exact answer to this mystery. It would be great to have a clear and consistent answer to it & thnx for any given contribution to this thread...:rolleyes:


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As far as I know, electronics uses semiconductors and electricians don't.

You can wire up lots of electrical circuits with motors, lamps, switches, etc. but as soon as a semiconductor gets involved, you're doing electronics. Lots of people can install a light dimmer, but that doesn't make them an electronics designer.

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If you are talking about electronic engineering vs. electrical engineering, the difference I have heard is that electronics refers to things with semiconductors (as #12 said), and electrical means something like residential, power grid, etc. Electronic is generally low voltage, and electrical is generally high-voltage.
Just what I've gathered over the years :D
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electric and electronic...

Electric powers your device be electronic or otherwise....

Electronic is merely the ability to control electric/electrons that flow around a circuit... Be that using a semiconductor or via resistive loads, the manipulation of electrons