Difference between diodes

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I am having only 2 1n4148 diode instead of 4 but i have 4 1n4007 diodes. I would like to construct a phone transmiter.can i use 1n4007 instead of 1n4148? And i would like to knw the difference between both the diodes? Plz reply fast...


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All electronic components have data sheets that describe pretty much everything about them. The device designator works as a search term, so entering "1n4007" in Google will bring up a number of sites that have the data sheet on that diode. Same for 1N4148.

The 1N4148 is a signal diode, good for low voltage and low current applications. The 1N4007 is a fairly high voltage rectifier, good for 1000 volts and one amp of current.

Your particular application is not clear, so we can't suggest using one over the other. In fact, neither device may be correct for the circuit. Got a schematic for that "phone transmitter"?