difference between baud and bit rate

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    Jun 26, 2013
    what is difference between baud and bit rate?
    what happen if baud rate of transmitter & receiver is different?
    In asynchronous where is clock,if not then how receiver samples bits?
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    Apr 24, 2011
    Bit rate seems to explain itself. Baud rate is the rate the symbols are sent, and each symbol is allowed to represent more than one bit; think of an analog signal, or a parallel data bus.


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    And the receiver can't understand the transmitter.

    The clock is 'implied" by knowing the data rate. The rate is negotiated (set, assigned) outside of the signal.

    In the serial scheme used in RS232 the start of a token begins with a timed pattern that indicates the start of the token. That doesn't guarantee a sync (the pattern can appear in other places depending on the token) but eventually things link up.

    This pattern is called the start and stop bits.
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