Diesel Stop Solenoids

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    Jun 20, 2009
    I am designing a stop system for a old diesel engine. The application I am using needs a pull type solenoid that can have a stroke of 9/16" - 1 1/2". it needs to have a return spring of at least 20 lbs. It needs to be continuous duty ( probably 2 coil).This will be used as a "engage to run" setup. The spring loaded solenoid will push the injector shut when power is removed.

    I have looked at several brands including F. W. Murphy and Trombetta. These do not seem to meet my requirements. I did however find some in the woodward/synchrostart line that will work, however they are quite expensive. Can anyone tell me what some other companies are that make diesel stop solenoids?

    These are the models I have looked at:

    F. W. Murphy #RP2309B

    Trombetta 600 Series
    Woodward # 2370 - 12 -E2U1B5S2
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    Have you looked an any of the 50,000 hits on Google?
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    Those things aren't cheap. Also, if you operate them on an incorrect voltage, or the plunger doesn't retract all the way, you can burn them up very quickly - a couple of minutes, tops.

    We had to replace one for a retired USMC 5-ton truck last year. Cost $150 from Caterpillar. It's a 28v version. By the way, you didn't specify the voltage of your system; since it's an "old diesel engine" the voltage could be anything.

    If you're looking to do this "on the cheap", then you might try going to a salvage yard where they part out diesel trucks. At least you may find out more information from people who are actually in that business.