Did I get the right resistor?

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  1. shirreff

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    Sep 6, 2011
    Oh no I'm back again!
    I needed a new resistor, on the data sheet it says 10ohms and I studied the colour bands and came to the same conclusion so that is what bought or so I thought.
    What I got was about 3 times the size so I don't know if I chose the right thing.
    Can you have a look at the images and see. If the ones I ordered are ok to use I will use them if not what should I have ordered?
    10 ohms small.jpg
    10 ohms large.jpg
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    Apr 16, 2010
    I can't tell much from the pictures, but most likely the new ones are just a higher wattage than the old ones. That's the reason the new ones are larger. That's not a problem as long as the resistance is the same (10 ohms); just install the new ones as best you can where the old ones were. Replacing resistors with higher wattage resistors is ok, but it would not be ok to replace them with lower wattage.
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