Did Anyone Read Full Page Tesla Story

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The new paper had a full page story on Tesla,did any one read it.
It says that the power grid that exist will hold up any changes.
Just like the fuel pumps that hold up green energy changes.


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It often happens arguments against a possible change are supported by reference to some apparently permanent institution, be it a political set-up, an entrenched opinion, or indeed or a type of hardware. Those who have a personal connection with the status quo, whether financially or in terms of their life's work, will often try to use this to support their cause, while people who are in favour of such change may fear that this institution will thwart them.

Sometimes it is true that the existence of some method will delay things changing, for instance when everybody in a given region was making television sets based on CRTs and an NTSC or PAL standard, it was difficult for higher definition services to evolve.

In the end though, history is not indefinitely (small c) conservative. Whatever seems to be in the way of a new idea, from the suffragettes to HDTV, when the time is right the obstacles tend to be modified, removed, or simply cease to be relevant. This change often takes place for reasons not directly related to the aim in view, as when conditions for television became more flexible due to technologies originally intended for computers.


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There is some truth in that, but it would be hard to argue that conditions today are the same of those which existed in the days of ancient Rome. If it were possible to see a similar distance into the future, I would expect to see changes at least as great, if in fact humanity survives that long.

I would be extremely surprised if the current petroleum based regime will last out another human lifetime. The fact that certain wealthy individuals might prefer it not to change does not guarantee anything. One day the oil driven automobile will go the way of the coal-fired steam locomotive, and any businessmen around at the time will have to adapt to the new methods, or go bust.


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They describe several overunity devices we have closed the thread on over here. As a science article goes I would give it negative numbers. If it were published on this thread I would close it.

They miss important details, the same ones the folks coming here from the overunity websites missed. The energy has to come from somewhere, you don't create it, you convert it.