Diagram for saving data

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Hi everyone,

I want to make a simple diagram to save data on a chip or some other component that could be miniaturized into cmos components.
I have a device with 4 wires, GND, VCC (5V), Data and Clock. Depending on the buttons you press, you get different data results. The clock is given by the device, and I don't know the frequency, but I think you can only get the data by following the frequency.
I'd like to be able to create a portable device that would be able to give the 5v nessary for the device to work, and be able to store the data in binary or hexadecimal somewhere in a component or a chip or anything not too big, that I could later read on a computer to extract the content. The binary sequences generated are about 90octect long. I'd like to be able to store multiple operations, like a hundred, a 10kb memory should be fine.
I was thinking about a programmable chip to store the data that I could read with a chip reader on my computer. But I would need to be able to distinguish the different sequence.

Well, I'm not too good with making diagrams, which is why I'm asking here if anyone knows an existing diagram somewhere on Internet or if anyone kind-hearted could write it for me.

I thank you in advance for your help.