Dewalt drill switch

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I bought a broken Garage sale Dewalt 3/8" drill, D21008 for $2.00
Checked everything out, and it's the switch.

I took the switch apart, and cleaned it...,no luck.
It did try to go a couple of times, but then seemed to run out of juice.
It has a small board inside, with tiny electronics.

I've never seen a drill with a board and electronics in the switch before.
It's a 110v corded drill

A new switch is like $23.44 from Dewalt, and I don't want to spend that kind of money. Would a bad diode on the board create that symptom?


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Never mind.

I took the switch apart again and found that the board is cracked.

As a matter of fact, it is completely broken in half.

Guess I've got another drill for Parts.



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I'm assuming the drill has multiple speeds & reverse? if so, I'm guessing that's probably what the board is for. you might be able to bypass it and run the mains straight to the motor and a "working, but single speed, single direction" drill.


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I don't know the drill, but $25 for a usable drill doesn't sound too bad. I've got a Dewalt 3/8" VSR that I've used quite a bit for 20 years without a lick of trouble (just out grinding paint off the garage door day before yesterday, but yesterday it snowed, dammit). I also have an identical one a friend bought and never used, then gave to me when he moved across country.


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You could also put the two halves back together and use short jumper wires to bridge the cracks.
That's how I'd solve it if it was a use it or toss it situation. Soldering iron, super glue for the board, tinned copper wire, and solder is all you need. Well, that and a little time.


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You have to figure that if the board was cracked, it was under some stress that it wasn't designed for.

Maybe you can replicate the circuit board, and transfer the components over to the new one.

By the way, this is post #20,000 for me.
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