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Iam trying to implement a circuit using a PIC microcontroller which has USB port and LCD as peripherals...My microcontroller also has USB and LCD interface support....Please help me to write device drivers for these devices...LCD and USB...
1.What is the general and easy procedure for writing device drivers....????
2.Give me some ideas about RTOS also......
3.Whether any API's or libraries are available for writing device drivers??????
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I assume, by device driver you mean Windows WDM driver for your USB device? If so, it is not a trivial task.

There are two ways you can approach this, you can use the HID emulation and use the standard Windows USB HID driver. You have to modify your PIC firmware to support HID. The transfer rate is then limited to around 64K.

Second way is to use proprietary USB device, which simply means you have to write your own pair of USB kernel and user drivers. You also have to write your PIC firmware. This way you can have full speed 12Mb and any transfer mode you desire (isochronous, bulk and interrupt).

Microchip has examples of HID firmware and also proprietary Windows drivers and firmware. Although there is no source code for the kernel driver itself and it only support either bulk or isochronous (I can't remember which).

If you decide to write your own Window drivers and firmware, for performance or functionality reasons, then you'd need Windows DDK to compile the kernel and user mode drivers (free from Microsoft, look for KMDF download) and either MPASM or C compiler for PIC to write your firmware.

Bear in mind, writing Windows device driver is not easy, but if you decide to have a go, then come back here if you have any problem and I would be glad to help you or maybe provide a few pointers to get you going.