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In search of a development board with four sensors including temperature, humidity, light and soil moisture sensors.
also controls fan, fogger, variable intensity, light bulb, dripper.
USB Ethernet Connectivity, 128KB Flash memory, 128KB RAM / 128KB EEPROM memory module, 8-channel Analog input with 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter, Includes ISP connector which allows programming with an optional in -system programmer.
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I wonder if development boards come with sensors attached. You would probably get further looking for a microprocessor with the inputs and I/O you need. Any development board that comes with it might have the ability to have the sensor inputs led to it.

Realistically, all those sensors will need some conditioning before being applied to the microprocessor, and it would make no sense for them to be a part of the development board (would you really expect to bury a corner of it where the soil moisture probe was attached?). The board wouldn't be likely to be able to drive the various devices, either.

What you will end up with is a nice case with the microprocessor and another PCB or two inside that interface the sensors and external devices.