Developing an automated tester for electronic drive lines

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Hello everyone, I'm a graduating Elektrical Engineering student, for my last year project I have to develop an prototype for an automated testsystem for electronic drive lines.
I started this thread to get help and tips about building this system.
First of all , I should make some dynamic simulation to test an motor as DUT, good to know is that this testsystem must be standalone. So ideally I want to create a PCB with some controllers on it that communicate in Can-open protocol(because the current system works on this protocol) with the motor controllers on the car. This controller will send black box data(dynamically test simulation data) to the motor controllers so I can test these motor controllers. I also need to have a feedback loop back from the motor controllers to my system to save and analyse these testresults. Also a GUI is wished so the tester could easily start the test .

Do you guys have any idea or direction of thinking what type of (embedded) controller I need and how I approach this project. What Hardware/Software should I use, I am use to #C because of microcontroller programming.
How should I test the dynamics of these motors? I was thinking about to send set points of data. But it's kinda chaotic because this project is new to me. Thankyou.