Dettol no touch soap dispenser

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    Jan 8, 2013
    hi all,

    im new in circuit - trying to understand how does the circuit in this dettol no touch soap dispenser works.

    i've currently dismantled the parts looking at the circuit but still new

    anyone can help to explain how does the circuit works

    from what i see there are:-

    1) 1 yellow + 1 green wires connecting to the sensor
    2) 1 brown + 1 white wire connecting to left side of the pump
    3) 2 yellow to the top side of the pump
    4) 2 green to the right side of the pump
    5) 1 red + 1 black to the battery

    All this wires are soldered on a circuit block

    Would greatly appreciate if someone can help me out in the basic understanding how this pump works.

    Thanks all !