Detection of "Overflow" of negative numbers e.g. -2(1 10) , -4 (1 100) etc.

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Respected Sir,
Subject: Detection of "Overflow" in "arithmetic left shift" of negative numbers e.g.
-2 (that is 110) etc. if it is stored in a 3-bit register
-4 (that is 1100) etc. if it is stored in a 4-bit register
-8 (that is 11000) etc. if it is stored in a 5-bit register

Why is it that when I face a problem regarding detection of "Overflow"when I perform an "arithmetic left shift" of a negative number whose 2's complement representation is the same as the positive number in binary
e.g. -2 is 110(where 1 om the Left Most position is used as the Sign bit)
e.g. -4 is 1100
{that is negative numbers:
(a) which starts with a ONE
and (b) whose remaining bits are all ZEROES e.g. 10, 100, 1000}

As per M Morris Mano's "Computer System Architecture", the overflow is detected by taking the EX-OR of the Sign bit (Rn-1) and the Most Significant Bit (Rn-2) of the number. If the EX-OR operation yields a One, then Overflow occurs. As far as other Numbers like -3,-5,etc as well as positive numbers, I do not face any problem with detecting overflow. But for the numbers that I mentioned before like -2, -4, etc. (10, 100 etc), I find that the EX-OR operation does not indicate an overflow
e.g. please see below
The number Minus 2, if it is stored in a 3-bit register is represented as 1 10.
The two ones in Rn-1 and Rn-2(are both same viz. both are Ones) indicate that EX-OR = 0 , which implies "NO Overflow". But in reality there is an overflow- provided the register used is only 3-bit in size.

Similarly, the number Minus Four is represented by 1 100 in a 4-bit register. As per the EX-OR function, there is "No Overflow". But the fact is that there is an overflow.
So that means that M Morris Mano's condition for detection of the overflow is not true for this type of numbers(e.g. 1 10, 1 100 etc). There numbers I perceive, are part of "Exceptional cases". So how do I check for such overflows?
Please Sir, kindly help me in clarifying this matter.
Looking forward to receiving your enlightenment regarding this.
Thank you
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