Detecting laser from afar

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    Jan 21, 2014
    I'm trying to do some distance measurement using laser. But most of the articles I read about are concerned with distance of a few meters and went with simple photodiodes for detection.

    I'm trying to achieve a range of some hundred of meters, say 200-500 (which would make up to 1 km round trip), and I'm not sure how would I setup the receiver properly.

    I've read about photodiodes, phototransistor, avalanche photodiodes, PIN diodes but am not very sure which is the most suitable detector for the range

    From what I've read, avalanche photodiode is commonly used for the job, but it is expensive and hard to find. Wikipedia also says it is just a photodiode with amplification. So does that mean that I can use a simple cheap photodiode to detect the laser? Will the reflected light be actually strong enough to be detected if I use just a photodiode? Or which photodetector should I use to be most appropriate for the job?

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