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Detached Thinging and Every Day Life

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by loosewire, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. loosewire

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    Apr 25, 2008
    How do we we go thru our day with strings of Intelligent
    happenings,such as news ,work,food,health. Take the
    earthwake in Haiti,as we see people In the aid work
    taking the mike,they are showing 30 years and more of living
    off the proverty of the Haiti people.They have been very
    suceesful,but the people of Haiti stays poor.The aid people
    people are tripping over one another to report the proverty
    of Haiti.Its possible they have enjoyed the good life over
    30 years.The ownership of private aircraft to fly in aid before
    earth quake,so why is this system not working.They are getting
    to make appeals before the cameras,so where the the food
    that they would have been feeding on daily basis. So you say there
    was a earthquake,well why are they crying poverty when they already know
    all the access routes they use to fly there private planes and
    landing strips which they have standing permission.The point if they are in front
    of the camera,they know the people that are coming to them.
    Help me understand this talking to media and being detached from
    there paid duty to get supplies to parks from dirt roads that they travel
    on to get to there private planes purchased with charity money.
    Yes, there would be no point if they could not stand in front of there
    buildings and cry poor for Haiti. Haiti has beauiful coastal towns that
    rich people fly in and out of that average Haiti citizen never sees.
    Google earth has changed the world take advavage of it,you will see the
    earthquake is small compaired to the Island size,and the private Island resorts.
    Do what I have been doing,wikipedia shows the towns from the Island maps,
    they shows small port cities,then this will mean more,or the
    strings of Intelligent want matter. Please add your human reaction.
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  2. maxpower097

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Did you know the average salary for the CEO of a non profit is $460,000. If you donate 1$ to any of these guys $.90 will goto overhead and salaries $.10 will goto the actual charity.
  3. loosewire

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    Apr 25, 2008
    When I posted this I didn't know that Clinton and Bush would make
    a joint statement that the charity should be sent to them.They talked
    about a trust issue. They also mentioned that Haiti started dual citizenship
    2 years ago,after resisting for years.So that means a greater American
    voter block to change country.This post says that you have see two things
    at once (HELP WITH DISASTER--focus on the past charity efforts and
    every day roads that are not being shown.The street that have no buildings,
    just people living in streets in tents and lean too,shacks (5 pieces of tin or plywood
    easy to clear streets by hand.
  4. loosewire

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Every subject that I posted yesterday is on( fox news) Sun-today.
    There will be a need for engineering efforts so it would be in your
    interest to get a google education of the Haiti Area and Miami. The
    Miami river has small ships depots as I post suppling goods to people
    that can afford them or charity. Ship captains purchase by cash
    every day,so many Items change hands that people have trouble
    checking all the bar codes. There is farm land in Haiti that people
    are feeding themselfes,I am not taking away from the disaster.
    Educate your self before a disaster comes your way,they come in all
    forms and needs. Learn what a first responder means so you will
    be able to help your self.You must know some one in need,what should
    you do. There will be more jobs or small business oporitunity from world
    economy Issues.
    2 -4x4 blocks and a 4x4 post will lift your friends car off him. Things you can
    learn from your the fire dept. and much more and be certified. (C.E.R.T.
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