Designing a 16-4 priority encoder from 2 74148 8-to-3 line priority encoder device

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Hi all,

My tutor gave me an answer I did not understand.
I searched the datasheet of 74148 but it did not specify what is GS, E0 and E1.

I also do not understand why the E1 of one 74148 is connected to the E0 of another.

Can anyone help?


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All you have to do is look at the truth table to see what conditions set GS low and EO low. You can also see the effect of the EI^ input (hint - when it is high, what happens to the outputs, including GS^ and EO^?).

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Well, I got the answer from my tutor but there is one thing I dont understand. What does GS stands for?

I learnt from my tutor that:

1) The IC that displays the MSB have to be disabled if it is below a certain level.

2) The outputs from each gate have to be AND together to produce the desired output.

I know that E is enable while I0 to I7 are the inputs while thost starting with A are the outputs.
And I still dunno what GS stands for? :confused:


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GS is "Group Output" - goes low on priority detect, with priority address in A0-3, also active low, combined with GS to flag which IC when cascading two.