Design Pulse Generator with varying duty cycle based on input voltage

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hi i am vijayashekar, i have a friend who is doing Boost Converter for PV module,
the formula for duty cycle is (1-Vin/12)*100 where Vin will vary between 0 to 8 volts. i want to set this expression as the input for the duty cycle in a pulse generator.

i tried using square function in a User Defined Function in Simulink but getting errors. will update this thread with specific errors and sample code and even the closed circuit model file.

in the meantime please give your opinions.

my questions are:

is it possible to program a pulse generator in runtime without using blocks?

how to implement square function in a simulation?

i am able to generate the plots using the demo waveform generation in matlab help. but that is only possible in design time. not runtime.

please help! the review is only a couple of days away.

we are lost.

thanks in advance.