Design homework need help BJT Please Help

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So i have been given an assignment to build, simulate and figure out the temperature performance of my circuit for our size model.
(different than that used in the book).
The kicker is i do not have a BJT to use since our student version does not have one. I have tried countless ways of representing a BJT but none have given me a level off graph similar to the one i need.

1. Original circuit in book
2. Graph from book
3. My attempt at making it with out a BJT configuration.
4. 2 attempts i have made out of 10 tries
(note i allow played with these two the most with different R values)



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I'd recommend going to your instructor and asking how you are supposed to model a circuit that uses devices that your simulator doesn't support. It could be that they have models and you didn't get them for some reason. It could be that you are supposed to use the simulators installed on the department's computers that have a full license. Check.