Design digital clock


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Welcome to the forums. I moved your post into its own thread.

It sounds like you're looking for a completed circuit. We do require you to do theactual work, while we will offer help and hints.

So far, it's a 24 hour clock. What have you been able to do? With an assignment like this, your school must make reference material available. Have you decided on a logic family? What kind of display to use?

Can you use a simulator app to try out designs?


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So your clock must have all 24 hours. I always thought you need 60 states to make a 60 second clock, and then a few more states to keep track of minutes and hours. I remember my professor once said you don't need 60 states, there was some trick which I forgot.

Either way you should use the finite state machine design method for a counter. This is an interesting topic, I would also like to make my own clock. For now we are designing 4 bit counters in the lab, which are in fact clocks that count 15 seconds.


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The homework section is full of this question. Do a search, and select Forum only search. But feel free to post any question regarding your design. We will gladly help if you post a schematic, with critique and corrections.


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How are you going to power your circuit (a reference voltage source with a regulated frequency)? ;) Too many unknown variables to advice...