Design and construct a microcontroller based double axis jib crane

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tinashe paul

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i started doing a project: ''Mictrocontroller based double axis crane" yesterday.the objectives of the project are:
up/down and circular(lateral) movement,etc

i have a general idea of what i am going to do but it is not clear so I am asking for some direction.
I am using a PIC16F877A (40 pin), some relay(12v), 2 types of power supplies,one with 12V for relay and another 6V for motors,two motors (6V),regulators, 2 DPDT and other components
I am not used to the PIC16F877A,i am used to the PIC16F84A.So i need a little of help on writing the code but I have started learning how to use Proton and Proteus.
Finally I also need a schematic of how to lay the components.


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I would probably want to have commands like goto(coordinates) and delay(seconds) and wait() for button press, and go_home(), and power(on/off), and the ability to run sequences of commands

For the coordinates in the goto command, you could use "delta" coordinates, i.e. referenced from the current coordinates only. Or you could have two separate commands, such as goto(absolute coords) and delta_goto(relative coords).

Actually, for the goto command(s), I would want to also include an argument for the elapsed time for the movement, or maybe the maximum speed during the movement, instead.

It would also be cool if the speed would ramp up when each motion started and ramp down before each motion ended. You might also want to be able to try different accelerate/decelerate profiles for that.




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I don't know why you're starting a new project with the PIC16F877A, as that is an obsolete uC; thus more expensive than more modern replacements.

The PIC16F887 is your best bet for a reasonably equivalent replacement uC. It also has an internal clock, so you can omit the usual crystal or ceramic resonator to save on parts.