design a system using lvdt and rds sensors.

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    Dec 17, 2010
    I am working on a system which is actually used industrial based and we are searching for good equipments that should be costly and reliable.
    the system is described as, 2 axis (0-10m, 0-20m) moving platform.
    2 cylinders attached for 0-10m displacement along x-axis.
    motor attached with VFD for 0-20m displacement along y-axis.
    2 displacement sensors for x and y-axis, for x-axis LVDT, and for y-axis RDS.
    in the y direction motor is used to move the weight up and down and for the x direction lvdt is used to move the weight.

    plz suggest me how to make my system better.
    plz i need this urgent within 2 days, so i request u all,.[​IMG]