Design a circuit to store magnetic coil generator

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i have a question

we use a coil and move the magnet inside.

1. it is AC or DC?
2. it is using inductor to stored the current?
3. its that simply connect the coil to the inductor to stored the current?
3. what step should be take first

i hope you all can answer my question, thank you very much
i m appreciated it


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1. When the direction of motion changes then the polarity will change and you would have AC.

2. A portion of the mechanical energy used to move the magnetic is transformed to electrical energy in the coil. It is a case of energy transformation rather than storage.

3. If you mean can you connect another inductor to somehow accumulate the electrical energy, that would be difficult. One approach would be to store the generated energy either in a battery or a capacitor. Given the current will effectively be AC if the magnet is moved in a reciprocating manner you would have to somehow rectify the generated voltage to store the energy as DC electric charge.

4. Clarify what is the exact nature of your design requirement. Provide more details about what you are attempting to do.
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