Design a 4A 48V DC Charger with monitoring system

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I am required to design a circuit with ability to convert 100-240vrms, 50/60Hz to DC 48v, 4A OUTPUT with isolated dc-dc converter.I would like to know if there is any suggestion of reading materials for this project?


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No clue here on reading material. You have a large input range and I'm guessing that a mere switch is not in the program. This says that you need a switching power supply or as many are called "universal". Unless you are required to build from scratch, I'd do the "quick and dirty", select a universal power supply with enough "headroom" at the output to allow charging current regulation and design a linear regulator to control the charge rate. If you haven't already done it, you need to evaluate the battery to be charged. If it is lead/acid, full charge is 2.2V/cell, however the charging voltage is a bit higher. As an example, the automotive alternator output is 13.9V .

I hope this helps, comes from too many years in automotive engineering.