Design a 1.5m amplifier to drive a 5pf capacitor, any ideas?

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I am working on a project aimed at designing amplifier that can reach a frequency of 200Mhz, and it will drive a 5pf capacitor. The output voltage range is between 2-28v.
And I am going to use Class B amlifier, any guys have idea Mosfet to recommend?


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What is the output device?
What is the input source, and it's impedance?
You may not need a full perfect sinewave.
Considering the 2nd harmonic is 400Mhz, it might be difficult to generate anything *except* (close to) perfect sinewaves.

I think his main problem will not be generating the frequency, but the amplitude. There are a lot of video amps that can solve this problem, but at a much lower voltage.

The dV/dt of 28V @ 200Mhz is quite large at the zero crossing...