describe flux and fully disclose information

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    can someone put flux in lamens terms for me, also is it true electricity goes threw a resistor in a light bulb generating heat and the heat and produces light and if so will i learn how it does so in physics light and sound class? Email me the answer <snip> please.

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    May 11, 2009
    cmon why no one describing flux for me
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    This is not a chat room, you need to have some patience.

    In the study of transport phenomena, flux is just a way to measure a flow. In order to talk about flux there needs to be something that "flows" and there needs to be an area. Flux is the amount of something that flows through a unit area in a unit time. That's about as "layman" as I can get.

    In field theory and mathematics, flux is the integral of a vector quantity over a finite surface. That is a bit beyond the "laymans" ability to comprehend, so we'll leave that one for another time.

    Electrical current will flow in a conductor. It will generate heat. If enough heat is generated it will give off light.
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