Derive transfer function for LP filter

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    Apr 9, 2013

    can someone help me derive transfer function of low pass biquad 2nd order filter. The transfer function should be Vout/Vin but my problem is if all the positive inputs to the opAmps are grounded the Vout is then 0.

    Example, for the first amp
    V3 = A(V+ - V3)
    V3/A = V+ - V3
    lim(A) -inf
    V+ = V3
    if V+ is grounded then is 0 and V3 = 0.

  2. The Electrician

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    Oct 9, 2007
    The fact that the + inputs are grounded does not imply that Vout is zero.

    You have 7 numbered nodes, so you will have to write at least 7 equations if you use nodal analysis. The transfer function will be very complicated.

    Do you really want to derive a complete transfer function in terms of the individual components, or will a generalized function as a ratio of a quadratic numerator and quadratic denominator be adequate?