Derivative circuits

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Imagine I have some circuit A. The number of used components is n. Now is there a software, which can automatically generate "derivative circuits" from A,

1. by removing certain components from all n available, then reanalysing the resulting circuit for the behaviour at given places
2. by removing AND rearranging available components in some "intelligent" ways, mostly excluding non-sense rearrangements, thus only considering arrangements which could be useful somehow. If groups are defined in A, all groups can be changed only in such a way that the group behaviour will not change, or will change, depending on the preferences.


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So you want a simulator that will "optimize" your circuit? seems cool...

Why constrain it to using "available components" - i.e. the ones you selected in the original circuit? It seems if you need a program like this to do your thinking for you, then the chances are high that you didn't pick optimal components in the first place. Why not let it consult a database of components and pick better ones than you did?

If you want it to "intelligently" come up with "derivative circuits" that are "useful", then you would have to define what "useful" means to the simulator (i.e. "I want my circuit to do this ____ "), which would probably have to be considered programming on some level and could likely be just as complicated as redesigning the circuit yourself manually.


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This is where training and imagination come in. I'm not a µC programmer, so I try to invent new stuff with hardware. I've come up with stuff new to me now and again, only to find it was already out there.