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I have a submarine that can submerged as deep as 5 meters. In this project, I need to find the vertical position of the submarine as it dives down the water vertically (Need only the current position ).

The submarine waterproof casing is big enough to put in a sensor inside, unless the sensor is waterproof as well.

A few enquiries

1. Is there a very simple depth sensor that i can create? if no, then
1. What sensors do i need that can easily integrate it with a PIC? and
2. Can i get it to send data wirelessly?

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For the sensor part, you can use a MAP -manifold air pressure- sensor out of any late automobile wreck yard; it is about 1 square inch, located attached to the intake manifold. A tiny balloon tied to its port will make it work as depth sensor.
Takes 3 wires- +5V; Gnd; and output signal.

To send data wireless, a piezoelectric transducer salvaged from a beeper or telephone electronic ringer can be driven by your PIC; and received by another.

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