Dennis Ritchie has passed away.

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Google engineer Rob Pike reported that Ritchie had passed away at his home over the weekend after a long illness, at the age of 70.
Ritchie's contribution to computer science cannot be overstated. As the inventor of the C programming language and a co-inventor of the UNIX operating system (OS), his vision, innovation and hard work shaped much of what has come in the following four decades.
The work Ritchie did at Bell Labs helped make it arguably the most revered research lab in the world, and his collaboration with Ken Thompson and others to create UNIX informed and inspired several flavours of proprietary UNIX including AIX, HP/UX and Solaris, as well as BSD variants, Nextstep and its descendent Mac OS X, and the UNIX-like OS Linux.


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I finally broke down and got a copy of K&R about 2-3 months ago. Nice ex-library bound book for $20 the the big A. An excellent book, but I would never use it to teach a beginner.

Rich (BB code):
void Ritchie(void) {
   printf("Goodbye, world.\n")
Rest in Peace, Mr. Ritchie.
You brought a tear to my eye with that one. Stay faithful my friend.