delta to wye (balanced three phase source)

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hi there,, I am new to this forum and to this topic as well...

First, I have a delta connection with sources in each "leg". Each source has a series impedance with it...and I am asked to transform this into wye equivalent.. So here's what I know (based from my knowledge)...The ones given in the problem are the impedances and the voltages of the voltage sources..

Since the lines a, b and c aren't connected to anything (from the problem. Vab, Vbc and Vca are just open circuit voltages), I can do a kvl around the triangular loop.. From there, it can be seen that Iab, Ibc, and Ica are all 0, which means that every line to line voltage is just equal to the voltages sources themselves... Now, I can get the voltage from a to normal, b to normal and c to normal... But what bothers me is, how can I exactly draw the wye transformation of this circuit?


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Maybe you should ask to have this thread merged with the other thread you posted in. Otherwise it might get confusing with people such as WBahn already responding to your thoughts on the transformation problem.


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Please keep the discussion of a single problem to a single thread. I'll be happy to address your question in your original thread if you ask it over there.