Delayed Output Circuits

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Hi - I am not electronics minded. I have learnt a little about 555 timers on the web. So I am looking to use a (? 555 timer circuit or other Chip CMOS?) to power up say two to three other 555 circuits. Ideally each circuit one after the other.

But I am not sure how to go about it. perhaps the 555 timer is not ideal.

I am working in 6-12V DC - with a very low load. So the circuit does not need to be robust.

Any help would be most appreciated :cool:


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Well, the bipolar versions of the 555 can source or sink up to 200mA current. You could use a 555 to trigger another 555, and the 2nd to trigger a 3rd, etc. However, a 555 wouldn't have sufficient output to power another 555.

This Google search will find over a million pages relating to 555 tutorials: