Delayed or locked out push buttons

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Using 2 momentary buttons to trigger 2 separate events( circuits)

Both should not be able to trigger the circuits at the same time.

What could I use to prevent the second button from triggering its circuit until the first button circuit is complete.

1 button triggers a voice recording that lasts for 120 seconds.

the second button does the same but in a second language.

I need to prevent both from playing at the same time.

I'd rather not have to use a slide switch to select language THEN press the play button




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The attachment I've added to this post shows a basic lockout circuit. With both switches open, output from gates A and B are both low, and outputs from gates C and D are therefore forced high. If S1 is closed: gate A output goes high allowing gate C output to go low - this will hold gate D output high for as long as S1 is closed. The opposite condition occurs if S2 is closed before S1.

I suspect it would be easy to add a 120 second "one-shot" to both inputs, or to gate the inputs via feedback from furthur down line.