Dehumidifier problem - doesn't collect water

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Good day all.
I have a Delonghi DNC65 desiccant dehumidifier, which appears to be working, but doesn't collect water.
I have stripped it down, and put an ohmmeter across the fuses and thermistors, and there appears to be continuity there.
The thermistors show 56.6k and 57k, which decreases if I put a hair drier on them.
All 3 motors....for desiccant disk, heater fan, and swing vent all functioning.
No error light.
Heater coils show 47.4 and 108 individually, and 155.7 across both so I assume nothing wrong there.
But the heater doesn't appear to be functioning.
So this leads me to think that it may be the main power board (perhaps a relay?), or the humidistat.
So my question is can I test the humidistat, bearing in mind that my ability to use a meter is usually limited to testing resistance? I attach a picture of the humidistat board, and also a picture of the board next to it with 2 black boxes....what are these? I haven't taken either board out yet because I thought it was time to see if anyone can guide me further before i take the machine apart again!
Many Thanks20210209_114833.jpg20210209_114846.jpg