Decoupling a big power burst.

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I build a system involving embedded Intel Core i5 CPU.
With Turbo mode enabled I am observing a big ~30Watt surges for about 2ms on each Linux command I send.
The power supply I have incorporated can cope with this but still strong voltage spikes appears on the input supply lines.
This affects the conductive emissions of product.

I have experimented with big capacitor bank put on various places along the power path but I have managed to reduce
this low frequency noise only about twice.

Anyone having an idea what is the best way to filter out this kind of noises?
Probably some active techniques ?



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You are blaming this on Linux commands? I know that some, all, most, many Linux commands are powerful but I think you need to re-look at your power supply design.

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You are blaming this on Linux commands?
The third great virtue of a programmer in Linux is the quality that makes you write and maintain programs that
other people won't want to say bad things about. The first two virtues of a programmer in Linux I don't think exists!
Edit: corrected spelling of Lenox to Linux.
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